Bobii Frutii

Bobii Frutii, Master Franchise

Bobii Frutii is often thought of as a bar that sells non-alocholic cocktail. With such an impression reasonating with its patronisers, Bobii Frutii has created a very unique identity.

“Bobii Frutii is not just a bubble tea. It is also a fruit juice, or an extremely beautiful cup of yogurt.”

Signature Drink

人鱼的眼泪Mermaid’s Tear

Mango + Lemon + Honey + Milk + Butterfly Pea Bobii

Photograph by Bobii Frutii’s Founder

Young Lee

頂級台灣茶 + 新鮮水果 + 手作珍珠

Each Cup Is An Art!

打破大家對珍奶不健康的刻板印象. 在Bobii Frutii,你喝不到人工香精和色素,只有天然回甘的台灣茶和果汁, 沒有奶精,只有鮮奶. 沒有防腐劑,只有0添加的手作Bobii 珍珠.

No artificial flavourings nor man-made essences. Not creamer but fresh milk. No preservatives but freshly made Bobii pearls!

Tea Plucker Of The Day, Nat Ho (鶴天賜)

Bobii Frutii (Singapore) Ambassador & Creative Director

We insist on using tea of the highest grade to create a premium taste for each cup of Bobii’s drink. Sourcing our tea very carefully, the management has to go through the whole process of tea harvesting, from farm to table.

Our tea-tenders go through a full course of strict training.

Bobii Frutii

The Ultimate Bubble Tea

Bobii Frutii

Each Cup Is An Art